Lucky Ringwood

Caroline's Angel Biscuits

Heat oven to 400 degrees [hot oven]


Tsp = teaspoon

TBSP = tablespoon

2 Pkgs or 1 TBSP yeast – dissolved in 3 TBSP warm water

3 TBSP sugar

2 ½ C Flour

2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

1 TBSP salt

½ C lard, room temperature [Don’t even think about shortening!]

1 C buttermilk, room temperature

In a measuring cup, mix yeast/water and sugar into buttermilk. Lightly stir. Set aside.

Mix dry ingredients together in a large mixing bowl. Cut in lard. When it is the consistency of cornmeal, make a well in the center of the bowl.

Pour buttermilk mixture into the well. With hands, start blending the flour in a circular motion while moving the bowl. Add more flour if too wet.

Empty the mixture onto a well-floured pastry cloth. [A pastry cloth is a square of stiff canvas hemmed around the edges. Not a fluffy towel.] Using a sock-covered rolling pin, gently roll over the dough but do NOT knead. Rolling too much or handling the dough makes them tough. Handle as little as possible and be gentle not to stretch it. I lift the pastry cloth to lift the dough and only four times maximum so I never handle the dough. Add flour as needed.

Put flour in a saucer. Get out a clean drinking glass. Cut about ½ - ¾ inch thick. Dip glass in flour between cuts.

Bake 12-14 minutes in a black skillet. Push them together lightly, not too snug.

To retain soft tops, place a clean rag on top while cooling. For crisper tops, do not cover. [This is also true for bread. For a crispy crust, air cool. For a soft crust, cover with a cloth while cooling.]

After tasting Angel Biscuits, you will never ever want plain old buttermilk biscuits again!

[Note from Caroline: Back in the day I used Magic Yeast Foam, an early yeast product.]